Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trenter Trenter Chicken Dinner

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day.  
Because 3/21 symbolizes the three chromosomes on the 21st chromosome. 

I usually celebrate with Blue and Yellow cupcakes brought to Trent's class, blue and yellow bracelets on my wrist, and lots of Facebook posting. I make memes.

This year, the International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC), a grass-roots non-profit group, has challenged bloggers to tell people about our loved ones with Down syndrome.  This is an easy challenge for me, as I love talking about Trent.  At the end of this post, please watch the video created by IDSC.

Trent-Man, Silly Boy, Mr. Trent
Stink Butt, Sunshine, My Big Boy
 Trenter Trenter Chicken Dinner

Those are the names you will hear in this house applied to Trent.  His nicknames.  

But Trent is so much more than just a chicken dinner.

Trent is a son.

He is a brother to two siblings.

He is a nephew to many aunts and uncles.

He is a grandchild.  

He is a best friend..."Heyyyy Mimmy"  (Hey Timmy.)

He is a dancer....to most anything. 

He is a lip syncer...mostly hip hop. 

He is a hugger....tightly and frequently. 

He is a kisser...puckered and on the lips to perfect strangers. 

He is a football player....just say "down, set, hut" and watch what he can do. Or throw the football back and forth with him.

He is a clothes folder...quite well....snapping the wrinkles out.  He attempts to put all the folded clothes in the towel closet in the hall.

He is his accomplishments and his delays.

He is a Special Olympics Young Athlete.  

He is the stereotypical child with Down syndrome, as in almost always happy, eager to please, easy to parent.

He is a little pig when eating...which is amazing considering the sensory issues he used to have.

He is the baby I couldn't hold for days after his birth.

He is a fitful sleeper...kicking, covering and uncovering, sitting up and crashing down.  

He is a student...and soon to be kindergartener.

He is a runner.

He is a teacher.

He is a survivor of PPHN, a VSD,  an ASD, a PDA, failure to thrive, and malabsorption syndrome.

He is the center of attention...loving the spotlight.

He is the soft-hearted child that cries when other children cry.

He is a thumb-sucker.

He is the blessing I never knew I wanted or needed.

He is Down syndrome...not in the politically incorrect way of saying it....but in the way that he would not be the same child if he didn't have Down syndrome.  

Which is why I celebrate Down syndrome, not just on World Down Syndrome Day, but every day.  
It is my son...my incredible, beautiful, funny, loving son.